Simply right click on files in Finder to open Chatbox.

Begins conversation on any files in Dropbox instantly

Invite others to join the chats by sharing the Dropbox folder


  • Use it for commenting and annotating files OR for simple project collaboration around folders with relevant files inside!
  • It works offline and syncs whenever you're next online.
  • Chatbox stores everything inside Dropbox. You don't need to register another account.
  • It is FREE! It is simple. It just works!

Download Chatbox for Mac OS X 10.5+
Dropbox is required to use Chatbox

Looking for Windows or Linux version?

Chatbox is a software designed for Mac. If you are interested in a Windows or Linux version, please leave your email here. We will let you know when they are available.

We hope you would love ChatBox! This is a simple Mac App we (the team of PandaDesk, in Hong Kong) created. Please let us know your feedback via GetSatisfaction, follow us on Twitter. Feel free to email us for any opportunities too.


  • New integrated message window.
  • Fix random crashing in version 0.0.11.
  • Other bug fix.